Interview with a lecturer: Han Bleichrodt

27. May 2022. | 2022, Announcements
Interview with a lecturer: Han Bleichrodt

At the FEBT Summer School 2022 in Split we are honoured to host professor Han Bleichrodt, an author and co-author of numerous publications and research work for which he won numerous awards such as Decision Analysis 2003 publications award (best paper published in decision analysis in 2001) and Decision Analysis 2009 publications awards (best paper published in decision analysis in 2007).

Han Bleichrodt is a professor of behavioural economics at the Erasmus School of Economics. Professor Bleichrodt's research activities focus on decisions under uncertainty and over time and has a particular interest in those decisions involving health. He is a winner of Top Senior Researcher Erasmus School of Economics (for period from 2007 to 2011), ERIM High Performance Member (for period from 2010 to 2018); Distinguished Service Award Management Science (for period from 2009 to 2013) and Umbra Erasmi medal Erasmus University in 2015.

At this years FEBT Summer School he will be a part of the course themed “Behavioral economics”. We have been talking to him about the expectations from the FEBT Summer School 2022 in Split.

  • What first attracted you to the FEBT Summer School course involvement, the City, the University, the colleagues?

Dražen Prelec asked me whether I would like to participate. If Dražen’s participates I know the quality will be excellent. Of course, the city of Split, which I have never visited but heard many positive stories about, is also a very convincing reason to participate. And I just enjoy teaching and inspiring young people and teaching them the beauty of behavioral economics.

  • I believe you find collaboration across international, disciplinary, generational, and other boundaries important. Why?

Absolutely. I think collaboration with people from other countries and from other disciplines really widens my perspective. I really enjoy sharing ideas. I particularly enjoy interacting with young people who are full of energy and offer interesting new viewpoints on questions I have thought a lot about. Interacting with young people is probably what I like best about my job. It keeps me young (I hope).

  • What advice would you give students who are still indecisive about coming to Split this summer and attending the course you are teaching? What outcomes do you see for them?

If they can, they should come. The program looks really interesting and I am sure they will benefit a lot from interacting with the teachers and the other students. It will give the inspiration for many months and perhaps years to come. After the tough period of Covid it is great that these activities are organized again. As to my own class, I promise I will do my utmost best to make it exciting, inspiring, and useful.

  • What do you think would be the biggest takeaway for you from this involvement?

I don’t know yet. I expect interacting with students and the other teachers. I expect to get a lot out of it and hope to contribute a lot as well.

  • Can you tell us something about yourself, something outside the official curriculum, what makes you to be proud of your work? About some projects of which you were involved in? Maybe one that made you particularly proud and that introduced changes at your university, town or community?

I always find it difficult to be proud of my own work. Well, one thing that made me proud was that in a ranking of most influential researchers in the world (based on citations) I was number 171 in public health. That means that I have had an impact on (at least some) people. That makes me proud.

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