Five week courses - Strategic Management

Strategic Management

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The main objective of this course is to provide students with concepts and tools to manage the strategy formulation process in line with the evolution of the competitive environment.

Detailed course description is available here.


Associate Professor Anita Talaja, PhD

Lecturer CV and information is available here.


  • Appraise strategy's contribution to successful performance and be aware of how views on strategy have changed over time

  • Analyze the firm’s external environment and understand how the structural features of the industry influence competition and profitability

  • Evaluate the potential of the firm’s resources and capabilities for achieving sustainable competitive advantage

  • Compare business strategies, i.e., cost leadership, differentiation, and focus, and choose the one appropriate for a specific situation

  • Determine the types and characteristics of different corporate strategies

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of external growth strategies: strategic alliances and M&As

  • Analyze the company's competitive advantage in the international context and choose an appropriate multinational strategy

  • Determine the main issues related to the strategy implementation process

  • Understand the debates surrounding sustainability and social responsibility and their link to strategy


  • Graduate students in economics (or in social sciences, technical sciences or science related fields) who intend to round out their knowledge in the field and use it in the proces of preparing dissertations.
  • Holders of undergraduate degrees or students in the last year of ther studies in economics or the social sciences who wish to study the field of behavioural economics.
  • Researchers and professionals working in the field.


This FEBT Summer school program offers participants the possibility of going through evaluation process for the purspose of requesting official credit transfers (ECTS).

  • Evaluation process

Participants who wish to acquire 3 ECTS will be evaluated based on the regular and active course attendance andand working on individual assignment i.e. writing a paper and giving a presentation on a topic of their choice.

The goal of the individual assignment is to show the necessary ability to manage the strategy formulation process.


Participants not interested in credit transfer will instead receive the Certificate of Attendence, stating the course completed. These students will be neither evaluated nor graded.