One week Courses - Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity



The FEBT Summer school Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity is designed for students who want to develop their creative potential to innovate and are intrigued with the world of entrepreneurship. The program's main objective is to develop creative thinking, foster more excellent initiative, and understand the critical stages of the entrepreneurial process. The experts with international experience in start-up mentoring will coach students in teams through the process of idea generation, execution and the pitch. After the course completion, the participants will be able to identify and analyse market opportunities and execute feasibility analysis, develop the key components of the entrepreneurial venture and to defend the potential of their idea to the panel during the pitch.  


At the end of the class the participant will be able to:

  • Recognise and discuss the importance of creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship
  • Explain different types of  innovation and critically evaluate the differences between an idea and an innovation
  • Critically evaluate entrepreneurial ecosystem for the idea development
  • Design a conceptual model of a viable business
  • Apply teamwork skills in an international environment
  • Evaluate entrepreneurial mind-set for either a) your own entrepreneurial journey or b) for being a valued corporate team member (intrapreneur), or c) for working within government or the not-for-profit sector (civic or social entrepreneurs).


  • Last-year undergraduates
  • Graduate students
  • Professionals
  • Students in other applied fields wishing to improve their knowledge in the field

To ensure a successful application, it is mandatory to have defined business idea that you will actively work on throughout the duration of the Summer School. Your business idea can span various industries, sectors, and sizes.


The participants will be evaluated based on active participation in the classes as well as based on the business pitch (oral presentation to the panel).

The goal of the business pitch is to replicate the real-life scenario where entrepreneurs have to be able to support their idea, demonstrate its potential and secure the initial capital to start their ventures. This assessment form also develops their analytical, critical, teamwork, and presentation skills.


Upon successfully completing the course, participants will be awarded 6 ECTS equivalent marks.


Participants not interested in credit transfer will instead receive the Certificate of Attendence, stating the course completed. These students will be neither evaluated nor graded.


The price of course includes lecture and practical hours. More details about fees find here!


Course outline is available here.