One week Courses - Short-Term Rentals In A Touristic Cityscape: Opportunities And Challenges

Short-Term Rentals In A Touristic Cityscape: Opportunities And Challenges

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The FEBT Summer School Short-Term Rentals In A Touristic Cityscape: Opportunities And Challenges is designed to meet the evolving needs of tourism and investment real estate professionals regarding STR. By covering topics such as booking platforms and computer programs for spatial, statistical, and property investment analysis, the program aligns with the technological requirements of professional organizations. The program is created with international industry professionals and academics, allowing the students to develop global networking.



  • Understand the function of the STR industry and its effect on the hospitality industry, real estate markets, and life in the city

  • Learn how to evaluate property investment in STR

  • Learn analytical tools to analyze the effects of STR in the space



  • Graduate students in economics (or in social sciences, technical sciences or science related fields) who intend to round out their knowledge in the field and use it in the proces of preparing dissertations.
  • Holders of undergraduate degrees or students in the last year of ther studies in economics or the social sciences who wish to study the field.
  • Researchers and professionals working in the field.



This FEBT Summer school program offers participants the possibility of going through evaluation process for the purspose of requesting official credit transfers (ECTS).

  • Evaluation process

Participants who wish to acquire 3 ECTS will be evaluated based on the regular and active course attendance and  taking an exam in the form of take-home essay.

The goal of the essay is to show the necessary ability to critically think about the challenges of the short-term rental (STR) industry and the essay should have approximately 10.000 words.



Participants not interested in credit transfer will instead receive the Certificate of Attendence, stating the course completed. These students will be neither evaluated nor graded.



The price of course includes lecture and practical hours. More details about fees find here!



Course outline will be available in April 2024.