One week Courses - Managing Urban Tourism: Planning and Monitoring for Sustainability

Managing Urban Tourism: Planning and Monitoring for Sustainability

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The FEBT Summer School Managing Urban Tourism: Planning and Monitoring for Sustainability delves into the operation of tourism in urban settings, examining its effects on the economy, culture, and local communities. It is designed for students who want to develop skills to implement sustainable tourism practices, striking a balance between environmental responsibility and community well-being. Participants will refine strategic planning abilities to create integrated plans aligned with sustainable development goals. The course also equips students with practical tools for planning, monitoring, and managing urban tourism, emphasizing community engagement and data analysis.



  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of how tourism operates within urban environments, including its impacts on the economy, culture, and local communities

  • Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, implement, and manage tourism activities in urban areas in a sustainable manner that respects both the environment and local populations

  • Learn to create integrated strategic plans for urban tourism that are aligned with sustainable development goals and the unique characteristics of urban settings

  • Acquire the ability to analyze, formulate, and advocate for effective urban tourism policies that foster sustainability and positive community outcomes

  • Develop strong communication skills to effectively convey policy decisions and advocate for sustainable urban tourism initiatives

  • Foster abilities to work collaboratively with a range of stakeholders, including local authorities, community groups, and industry professionals, to achieve sustainable urban tourism objectives



  • Graduate students in economics (or in social sciences, technical sciences or science related fields) who intend to round out their knowledge in the field and use it in the proces of preparing dissertations.
  • Holders of undergraduate degrees or students in the last year of ther studies in economics or the social sciences who wish to study the field.
  • Researchers and professionals working in the field.



This FEBT Summer school program offers participants the possibility of going through evaluation process for the purspose of requesting official credit transfers (ECTS).

  • Evaluation process

Participants who wish to acquire 3 ECTS will be evaluated based on the regular and active course attendance and  taking an exam in the form of take-home essay.

The goal of the essay is to show the necessary ability to critically think about the challenges of managing urban tourism and the essay should have approximately 10.000 words.



Participants not interested in credit transfer will instead receive the Certificate of Attendence, stating the course completed. These students will be neither evaluated nor graded.



The price of course includes lecture and practical hours. More details about fees find here!



Course outline will be available in April 2024.