Past Editions


The FEBT Summer School at the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, University of Split, has a rich history of fostering knowledge and collaboration.

It all began in 2018 with our summer school themed "Smart and Intelligent Cities." This groundbreaking event provided participants with a unique opportunity to delve into the challenges faced by modern cities and to explore more efficient solutions in contemporary urban development. The success of this first edition laid the foundation for a series of enriching and diverse academic experiences.

Since 2018, our summer school has evolved annually, introducing new and relevant topics and themes. Each year, we have been honored to welcome distinguished academics and industry leaders who bring their expertise to our classrooms. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our participants engage with cutting-edge insights and advancements in the fields of economics, business, and tourism.

FEBT Summer School remains dedicated to providing a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment, fostering collaboration, and preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Explore the legacy of FEBT Summer School by delving into our rich history. All programs offered through the years are easily accessible in the menu, allowing you to trace our evolution and discover the diverse themes and topics that have shaped our academic journey.