Announcing FEBT Summer School 2022 in Split

8. February 2022. | Summer school, 2022, News, Announcements
Announcing FEBT Summer School 2022 in Split

The pandemic has interrupted our Summer School program for 2020 and 2021, but we are coming back in summer of 2022 stronger than ever and richer for 3 more courses!!! This summer choose one out of four one-week courses covering recent developments in hot topic areas: regional and behavioural economics, microeconometrics and entrepreneurship. All courses are taught in English by renowned academics and leading practitioners, and your classmates will be professionals and researchers from many countries worldwide. This is an ideal place to enlarge your network, both in the classroom and while enjoying your stay by the sea in the stunning city of Split! Explore your summer school opportunities!

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Final Programmes now available!
Interview with a lecturer: Han Bleichrodt
Interview with a lecturer: Arjan Goudsblom
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Admissions are open!
Announcing FEBT Summer School 2022 in Split